The Courts are not the Government and Have No Lawful Authority Over You

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Footnotes to Courts Have No Athority

What EX REL/QUO WARRANTO is All About.

The Elements of QUO WARRANTO

Break Any Presumptions the Court Has About Your Status

The United States exists in two forms: the original united States which controlled the federal government until 1860; and the federal United States which was incorporated in 1871.


--Challenge Jurisdiction

First, create your affidavit of truth

Second, Create Freedom  Documents (especially for court case)

Then Choose One of the Methods Below

Method 1 Complaint and Application Writ of Quo Warranto. Quo warranto is Latin for "by what warrant” (or authority). A writ of quo warranto is a common law remedy which is used to challenge a person's right to hold a public or corporate office. A state may also use a quo warranto action to revoke a corporation's charter. Bonnie-Straight --Quo-Warranto

Example Ouo Warranto

Method 2 Get a Court Order Subpoena Duces Tecum. A Subpoena Duces Tecum (meaning 'subpoena for production of evidence') is a court order requiring the person subpoenaed to produce books, documents or other records under his or her control at a specified time/place in a court hearing or a deposition. PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS

Nancy Schaefer's speech CPS corruption. (Nancy and her Husband were Murdered)

Bonnie Straight on corrupt judges, suing corrupt courts & failure to train remedy.

8 U.S. Code 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law.

Rule 5.1. Constitutional Challenge to a Statute

Birth Certificate Title Created By State

Why You Should Never Hire An Attorney
Free Men want the Bar Association to be abolished, and the Commercial and Common Law Systems of the United States of America and its Constitution to be totally reinstalled. see: What All Free Men Want.


Let’s Look at OATHS


Public Officials and Public Officers are Public Fiduciaries


The Entire Federal Judiciary is a Fraud

Today we prove it.

All federal judges, magistrates and judicial officers are guilty of treason against the Constitution, bar none. Congress is responsible; aggravated treason. All federal decisions made since March 1, 1991 are void. All actors participating and involved in executing orders are personally liable for damages.

 The Entire Federal Judiciary is a Fraud.pdf

In 1991 Congress Materially Altered Judges Oath way of amendment so as to relieve them of any duty of faithfullness to obligations, duites, or observances to administer justice under the Constitution and Laws of the UNITED STATES.

For the complete report GO HERE judges-oath-changed-cases-void.html


Who is Running America?.pdf
• The Banking Gangsters of the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF
• The Creators of The Bankruptcy of America,
• The Fraud of the Corporate United States,


Further Reading on the Constitutional Challenge to a Statute

For more on intermediate scrutiny, see this Illinois Law Review article, this Harvard Law Review article, and this Indiana Law Journal article.

See Also:

Intro.4.3.5 Statutory Claims

The Writ of Erasure Fallacy

The Constitutionality of Statutes of Repose: Federalism Reigns


Fight Child Protective Services and get your child back.


Get your case dismissed! Get out of jail!

FOIA every judge, every court official, every jail, every state representative, every county official, every city official, school district, state Board of Education etc. They are all IMPOSTERS signed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, FOREIGN CORP. and a FOREIGN CONSTITUTION. More


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